United Airlines Plane Taking Off From Hawaii Plunged, Ending Up Only 800 Feet Above The Ocean

United AirlinesWikimedia

Traveling for a vacation or for business often involves flying on an airplane. While flying is no big deal for a lot of people, some people feel a little bit frightened by the experience. After all, turbulence can be a bit unsettling, and for people who are scared of heights, being in an airplane might make them uneasy.

Now we’re learning about a near fatal flight from Maui to San Francisco. The United Airlines flight took place on December 18, 2022. At the time, there was stormy weather in the area, and it’s possible that the weather played into what happened, but it’s also possible that it was an error on the part of the flight crew in the cockpit.

Only about a minute after takeoff, a scary incident happened that resulted in screams from multiple passengers. The plane was just taking off when the nose of the plane suddenly pointed down. The plane was plummeting towards the Pacific Ocean, dropping from 2,200 feet in the air to 775 feet above the ocean before the flight crew were finally able to get the plane to regain altitude.

In the end, nobody got hurt, and the plane landed safely in San Francisco. Upon arrival, the pilots filed a safety report. United, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Air Line Pilots Association agreed to put the pilots back into training before letting them fly again. In a statement, United said, “Safety remains our highest priority.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this scary incident and to hear from one of the passengers who was on the plane.

Do you think the pilots on this United flight should be allowed to fly again? What do you think caused the plane to dive towards the ocean shortly after takeoff? Have you ever felt uneasy on an airplane?