United Airlines Joins Delta in Banning Emotional Support Kittens and Puppies from Flights

More and more, airlines are beginning to put their foot down when it comes to accommodating emotional support animals. You may have heard wild stories about seeing creatures like peacocks, ducks, and pigs at airports, but now, some new rules are going into effect.

United Airlines is the latest carrier to change its policy on which animals can fly as support companions. Effective Monday, January 7, puppies and kittens have to be at least 4 months old to travel. The company cites a rise in on-flight incidents that include behavioral and mess-making issues.

Although the 4-month age rule applies to all animals traveling in the cabin – pets, service animals, and emotional support – support pets will not be allowed on flights that are longer than 8 hours. The new policy will apply to passengers who book flights after the announcement was made, so United will honor previously booked trips under the old rules.

United is following in the footsteps of Delta who also announced new restrictions last month for emotional support animals. They will continue to allow passengers who pay the pet fee to bring younger pets aboard the cabin, which is different category than those who meet requirements to be classified as emotional support animals.

Travelers with questions or concerns about the new rules should contact the airline directly at 800.864.8331. Check out this video to learn more!

Do you travel with pets or service animals? What do you think of United’s new policy specifically for emotional support animals?