“Ungrateful” Waitress Gets Slammed For Posting This Video Showing Her Tips

alidspicexo via TikTok

It’s common knowledge that at least in the United States waiters and waitresses get the majority of their income from tips. Tipping isn’t as common in many other countries, but here, that’s the way the restaurant industry works.

If someone is working as a waiter or a waitress, obviously they want to do whatever they can to make sure their customers tip generously. Doing their job well and being polite and helpful goes a long way, but sometimes there are other techniques that certain waitresses have found help them make more than usual in tips. For example, one waitress swears by wearing her hair in pigtails in order to maximize her tips.

Then there are waitresses at Hooter’s. The scantily clad waitresses know that they can potentially get tipped more working at Hooter’s than at another restaurant. However, not everyone that visits the wing joint is a big tipper.

One Hooter’s waitress named Ali posted a video on TikTok where she and several of her coworkers shared how much they made in tips during a daytime shift. Several of the tips were surprisingly large, such as a $100 tip and a $300 tip from one of Ali’s “regulars” that was sent directly to her Venmo account instead of written on the receipt.

While these tips sound impressive, Ali didn’t share how much the total bill was, so we don’t know if it was a very generous percentage or if it actually made sense for the bill’s total. Either way, that $300 tip was clearly generous.

Ali seemed happy, almost smug, about the generous tips, but there were a few tips that she seemed annoyed by, such as a $10 tip from “a really old couple.” She was also particularly annoyed by a $5 tip. She said, “All right y’all, this one made me mad. But it’s whatever. They left me $10, wrote it on the bill, scribbled it out and wrote $5 when I walked away. Why?”

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Different people had different reactions to Ali’s video. Some commented that they wanted to work at Hooter’s now after seeing how much they could make in tips.

Some people who live in other countries commented that they should move to America so they can get tips, or they commented about how confusing they find tipping in the United States.

Then there were the people who focused on when Ali complained about the $5 tip. Some called her “ungrateful.” One person wrote, “Below Average food with a 5-10 tip is actually really good.”

Another comment reads, “This made me so mad to watch and made me never want to tip again.”

Do you think Ali seems “ungrateful” for her tips? Does it surprise you that waitresses can make so much in tips during one shift at Hooter’s?