Woman’s “Brutally Honest” Underwear Reviews Are Going Viral

@adriabarich via TikTok

We all want to look our best, and there are products on the market that lead us to believe that if we buy them, we will look better than we do now. For example, makeup will hide our imperfections and help us accentuate our best features. Shapewear will smooth us out and make our clothes look better on us than without shapewear. Are these claims true?

One TikTok user named Adria bought into the advertising for Kim Kardashian‘s shapewear line called SKIMS. She decided to order the brand’s sculpting  mid waist brief from the Nordstrom website. The website recommended that she order a size large/XL, but she decided to ignore that recommendation and order her regular size which is small/medium.

This was Adria’s very first experience with shapewear, and she was not impressed. In fact, she hated the way the underwear made her look so much so that she did a hilarious and now viral TikTok about it.

In the video, Adria says the shapewear makes her look like Winnie the Pooh and the Pillsbury Doughboy. She also joked that it gave her “two more butt cheeks than I started with.”

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So many people who watched the video could relate to Adria’s experience. One comment reads, “OMFG !!! Mine are the sammmmeee!!!!! AND they roll down literally when I walk so all my tummy just bursts out !!”


Then there were many people who commented that Adria should’ve ordered a bigger size. Turns out that Adria agreed that she should’ve ordered the large/XL even though she wears a small/medium in everything else.

SKIMS official TikTok account heard about the video and messaged Adria asking if they could send her other SKIMS products to see if she liked them better. In the end, they sent her the sculpting bodysuit with snaps, the sculpting bra, and the sculpting high waist brief in a large/XL.

Adria tried the new shapewear. She liked the bra and bodysuit, but she still didn’t like the briefs. She explained that they still give her “a double butt cheek” which is not the look she was going for.

Adria still isn’t a fan of SKIMS products. One reason is the inconsistent sizing. She explained that if women have to order a size that’s bigger than their usual size, that’s not going to make them feel good, and “shapewear is supposed to make you feel your best.”

Have you ever tried SKIMS or other shapewear? Did you like the way it fit, or did it make you feel like Winnie the Pooh?