Unassuming Student Stuns The School When He Picks Up A Guitar And Plays A Hit Song

Jeff Littleton

Many schools have a talent show where students can show their special talents. Some students might choose to dance. Other students might choose to play an instrument or sing. Meanwhile, other students might do magic tricks or try a comedy routine.

Regardless of what a student decides to do at the talent show, it must be a little bit nerve-wracking to stand up in front of your peers and perform. If it doesn’t go well, the student might be teased about their performance for the rest of their time at that school; however, if the performance does go well, they may be thought of in a completely different light and with much more respect.

In 2018, a student named Peyton Littleton signed up to perform in his high school’s talent show. He brought his guitar and planned to sing a song.

When it was Littleton’s turn to perform, he adjusted the microphone on the stand and gazed out at his fellow students who were patiently watching him. Did the students think he would sing well? Did they think his performance would go poorly? We don’t know, but we do know that they didn’t expect him to perform as well as he did.

Before he started singing, Littleton told the audience he would perform “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. He invited his peers to sing along with the song, but we didn’t hear anyone singing. They were probably too captivated by his performance. Instead of singing, some people watching turned the flashlight app on their phones and waved them in the air like you would at a concert.

The cheers at the end of the performance say it all. In the end, Littleton ended up winning first place in the talent show.

In the comments, many viewers were impressed at both Littleton’s performance and how brave he was to perform at the talent show. For example, one person wrote, “I see many people doing this cover and they over do it. Bro you nailed this, you kept it simple, you’re an amazing singer. You may not read my comment. Please keep singing bro.”

Another comment reads, “Even with this great voice, schools a really critical place, but still he did it and it looks like the audience loved it so good on him.”