The One Exercise That Got Rid of Her “Turkey Neck”

Turkey neck exercise.Rachel Ray Show

You know that pouch of skin underneath your chin that’s the bane of every photo you take? Yeah, us too. This annoying little thing is often referred to as a “turkey neck,” referring to the infamous gobble that turkeys have.

While this look might be great for the turkeys of the world, most people who have this under-chin problem aren’t such a fan. We can see why! This is something that tends to get worse with age and I think we’ve all been self-conscious about it from time to time.

There are ways to get rid of your “turkey neck” surgically that involves tugging on the skin at the base of your head, thereby tightening up the skin underneath your chin. But there’s no need to invest in expensive or painful surgery when you can do this very thing right at home!

All it takes is a simple neck exercise to get that pulling, tightening effect you’re looking for. This quick move will get you taut skin under your chin almost instantly – you can actually see it happening as you’re doing the move.

Finger on woman's chin.Rachel Ray Show
You don’t need any fancy equipment or even weights to get the full effect of this exercise, just a foam roller, and a yoga mat if you want something cushiony to lay on. If you don’t have a foam roller, anything soft that will lift your head (like a rolled sweatshirt or even a pillow folded in half) should suffice.

What most people don’t realize that is most of what’s causing the jowl to sag is a dehydration at the base of the skull. This move will help you gain mobility you need at the base there and mimic the tension which your neck has lost.

Before you get started, Rachel Ray’s favorite trainer, Sue Hitzmann, suggests that you lie flat down without the foam roller under your head. Turn your head right and left a few times; this is called a “neck turn assess” which will help you find any sore spots or kinks in your neck before you get started.

Once you’ve noticed any tightness and loosened your neck up, you’re ready to do the move! There are actually two moves (the first one of which is still a little preparatory) that are going to help you see results fast, and to see them in action, make sure to watch the video below.

Try doing this move a few times a week for just a minute or so, and hopefully, you’ll start seeing results right away! Make sure to share your thoughts and any neck exercises you love with us.