Mom Vlogger Shares the Truth About Her Body After Baby #2

Having a baby is hard on a mom’s body. This is no joke, and it doesn’t end when pregnancy ends. It doesn’t end after childbirth. What a lot of people don’t talk about and what a lot of people who have never had a baby probably don’t know is that a mom’s body does not recovery right away. In fact, a mom’s stomach often still looks pregnant for weeks or months after childbirth.

When new moms act like their bodies bounced back right away after childbirth, it can make every other mom in the world feel like something is wrong with her body when that doesn’t happen for her. There probably are a few women who bounce back right away, but that is usually not the case. Some women just choose to hide it more than others.

For example, Kate Middleton stood outside the hospital for a photo op just shortly after giving birth, but Meghan Markle refused to do the same thing. Markle even chose a dress that didn’t camouflage her postpartum tummy.

Other brave moms have shown off their postpartum bellies on social media and have chosen not to care what anyone says. The latest new mom to bravely do just that is vlogger Brittany Vasseur. The mom of two has over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and she didn’t want to give them the wrong impression. 

At 7 weeks postpartum with her second child, Vasseur filmed a video of her home life. She shared tidbits about her baby’s sleep patterns and her son’s toy creations, but the most real thing she shared came about 7 minutes into the video when she wanted to tell mom’s the truth about her postpartum body. She shared, “It just seems to me that everybody I follow on Instagram, they have a baby and then 2 weeks later, they look exactly how they did before they got pregnant, and I’m like, how come I don’t look like that? It just started to make me feel bad about myself and I realized more people are probably going through what I am, and they’re just not talking about it.”

Vasseur decided to talk about it. She starts by showing how fake Instagram can be. She put on the tightest clothes she could find that held her in from every angle. Then she showed what her body really looked like without the tight fitting clothes holding her in.

Watch the video below to see the reality of Vasseur’s postpartum body and to hear why she thinks it is so important to talk about it. Skip forward to 7:03 minutes in if you want to go directly to this part of the video.

Many followers are applauding Vasseur for being real and honest about what a postpartum body truly looks like. One comment reads, “God bless you for making this video. The internet needs more honesty like this.”

Another person wrote, “I almost cried when u shared this, i was feeling so overwhelmed with my pp belly after the 5th child,,, sending lots of blessings ur way, thankyou for being honest.”