Internet Trolls Hate On Patrick Mahomes’s Wife After He Won The Super Bowl For A Second Time

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A Super Bowl win should be a reason to celebrate and cheer. It should be a reason to post your joy on social media and share in the victory with everyone else who was cheering for the same team.

When Patrick Mahomes’s wife, Brittney Mahomes, screams, cheers and celebrates her husband’s Super Bowl victory, or any football related victory at all, football fans across social media are quick to criticize her, make fun of her, and wish she would go away.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday, Brittney was quick to run out on the field to celebrate with her husband. She brought her oldest daughter with her and captured the moment on her phone, sharing a video of her husband holding the Vince Lombardi trophy and another video of her husband holding their daughter. She was excited. She celebrated. She shared the moment with her followers.

Not everyone celebrated along with Brittney, and we’re not just talking about the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. We’re talking about all of Brittney’s haters. On Twitter, many people were quick to criticize her.

We could talk all day about what the negative comments could be doing to Brittney’s mental health, but it doesn’t seem as if she’s letting the trolls get to her. Instead, she keeps posting, keeps sharing, keeps cheering for her husband and doesn’t care if everyone wants her to keep quiet.

Patrick and Brittney met in high school. They are high school sweethearts who got married last year and now have two children together. Perhaps part of the annoyance at Brittney is jealousy of her, or perhaps some people feel she’s taking attention away from the team and putting it on herself.

Either way, the Chiefs won, and Brittney isn’t going away. In fact, she joined her husband for a celebratory post-game trip to Disneyland.


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Watch the video below to see Brittney, Patrick and daughter Sterling celebrate on the field after the Super Bowl.