One Man’s Trick For Dealing With Spam Phone Calls Has Gone Viral

@1roy_jr via TikTok

Caller ID is a particularly helpful way to avoid answering calls from scammers, but it’s not always foolproof. Sometimes we avoid answering the phone whenever we don’t recognize the number or the caller because we worry it might be a spam call. Other times, we realize that we could be getting a legitimate call from a number we don’t recognize, and we answer the call only to realize that it’s a scammer.

Our go-to when we realize we’re talking to a scammer or a spam caller is often to simply hang up the phone, but that doesn’t always solve the problem. Sometimes the calls keep coming.

Some people have found creative ways to get the person on the other end of the line to hang up the phone long before they do. Some of these techniques are funny because they are so effective. One viral TikTok video just gave us another way to quickly end spam calls.

TikToker Roy L Baker Jr has an enviable voice. His voice is perfect for voiceover, and it is also perfect for his way of getting spam callers to hang up. In his TikTok, he shows his technique.

The phone rings. His phone identifies it as a potential spam call. As soon as he answers the phone, he knows exactly what he’s going to say, and now everyone watching this TikTok wants to play back his TikTok when spammers call them.

Watch the TikTok below to hear when Baker Jr says when he gets a spam call.

@1roy_jr CIA Fraud Division Coming to a dial tone near you #fyp #foryou #myroyvoice #scam #extendedwarranty #stopcallin #deepvoice #prankwars #comedy #funny ♬ CIA Fraud Division – Roy L Baker Jr

One viewer commented, “This would work if I had your voice.”

Another person commented, “Can you make this without the music in front so I can save it and have it ready I’m tired of these calls?” He replied, “Done.” If you’ll notice, there is no music when he’s talking on the phone.

Do you think this is a creative way to end spam calls? What do you usually do when you answer the phone and realize it’s a spam call? Are you going to try playing this TikTok next time?