Tori Spelling Announces Sad News About Her Marriage Of Nearly 18 Years

Tori Spelling, known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210, recently revealed a sad update about her marriage to Dean McDermott, a decision she described as “wild” and emotionally taxing.

While the couple separated over nine months ago, Spelling disclosed on her podcast, MisSpelling, that she had taken the difficult step of filing for divorce. In a candid moment, she shared, “I just filed for divorce. Whoa, I just said the words that I’ve said in my head for, like, 16 years. Wild.”

What makes Spelling’s decision even more emotional is her subsequent conversation with McDermott about the filing. She recounted this pivotal moment to her listeners, explaining how she informed McDermott of the legal step she had taken.”They’ve done it,” she said, referring to her lawyers. “It’s just the one sheet you check off, and next, you’ll have to sign it.”

Although the specifics of McDermott’s response were not disclosed, it appears he questioned her decision to file first, prompting Spelling to assert her stance. “I feel like I deserve to file first,” she told him, citing his previous disclosures about their relationship. “Because those are things that I would never have divulged to somebody and you did.”

This exchange sheds light on McDermott’s prior revelations about their marriage, particularly his struggles with addiction and their last heated argument. McDermott had previously shared with the Daily Mail his regret over a particular altercation, stating, “My worst memory with Tori is that last fight when I was drunk and angry. It was the night that I raged against her and the children and I saw the light, the final flicker of the flame go out in her eyes.”

Despite the somber nature of the situation, Spelling and McDermott are attempting to navigate their separation with a degree of mutual respect and understanding. “I love you,” Spelling said to McDermott at the end of their conversation, highlighting their efforts to maintain a semblance of amicability during this difficult time.

Reflecting on her emotions post-filing, Spelling admitted to feeling profoundly alone. “I’ve never felt more alone,” she expressed, adding, “I don’t feel worth loving.” Additionally, she reminisced about the early days of their romance, acknowledging that their relationship shifted after the arrival of their children.

Spelling and McDermott share five children— Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7— and while their marriage may be coming to an end, they’re committed to prioritizing their children’s well-being.

Hear more about the divorce in the video below!

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