Toddler Is Rushed to Hospital Just Moments After She Begins Playing With Dollar Store Toy

If you have kids you probably understand how difficult it is to take them shopping. Sure, getting them buckled in the carseat for the car ride, possibly toting a diaper bag and making sure they don’t run off can all be stressful and way harder than just popping into a store by yourself to get what you need, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

It’s hard to take kids shopping because they always want their parents to buy them something. They’ll start begging for a new toy or a candy bar or something else.

Sometimes we’ll plan ahead and make one of our stops at a place like our local dollar store and let them pick something out there. They’ll be perfectly content with their new toy, and we won’t be out much money or too annoyed when it inevitably breaks or gets lost.

Tony and Kylie Cravens know that the dollar store can be a great place to find toys that kids like. Their daughter, Lydia, wanted a makeup set. She was only a toddler, but a non-toxic makeup set made for kids seemed harmless enough, and when they found one at Family Dollar, that was even better.

Lydia enjoyed playing with the makeup. She put it on her eyes and lips. Then, the nightmare started.

Kylie turned to Facebook to share the nightmare experience in hopes that other parents would learn from her mistake. What was the mistake? Trusting that the fact that the makeup was marketed for kids meant that it was safe.

What could she have done differently? She should have looked at the ingredients. It turns out that 6 of the ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, and Kylie ended up being one of the people who was allergic.

This was a seriously bad reaction too. Her lips were cracked and blistered, which made it hard for her to eat. Her eyes were blistered shut. She spent several days in the hospital.

Kylie’s post has been shared more than 195,000 times.

One comment reads, “This is absolutely terrible and how dare they sell this junk to our children my heart is absolutely breaking for her and you two.. she is in my prayers and hope she continues to have a speedy recovery..”

In a follow-up post, Kylie indicated that Lydia is doing much better and is smiling again. We doubt that she’ll be playing with makeup again anytime soon though.

Does it surprise you that makeup made for children can cause such a severe reaction? Have you ever had an allergic reaction to makeup?