Toby Keith Health Scare

Twitter / CMT

Cancer, it’s the “c” word nobody wants to hear. For some people, the diagnosis is fatal. For other people, with the right treatment, they are able to beat the disease and live for many more years.

In fall 2021, country music star Toby Keith was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He didn’t reveal the diagnosis publicly until June 2022 when he explained that he would be taking a break from performing for a series of cancer treatments including chemo, radiation and surgery.

If you or a loved one have ever gone though cancer treatments, you probably know that it can take a lot out of you. It makes sense that Keith needed to rest and focus on getting better.

Fast forward to November, and it looks like Keith is once again thinking about performing. CMT Hot 20 Countdown shared a video where Keith explained, “I’m thinking about getting back in fighting shape.” He continued, explaining that the cancer treatments were “debilitating” and that he needed “a little bit of time to rest up and heal up.”

Keith seems quite optimistic about the future. He said, “As long as everything stays hunky dory then we’ll look at something new in the future.”

Actually, Keith isn’t just thinking about performing. He actually already made one surprise appearance in November. Jeff Ruby, the owner of Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Lexington, Kentucky, shared a picture of himself and Keith on November 5th. Ruby wrote, “Grateful for my good friend @tobykeith! Rocking our Lexington stage after a year of kicking cancer’s ass!”

Do you think Keith will start performing more in the near future?