Tish Cyrus Reveals “Psychological Breakdown” Leading to Divorce From Billy Ray Cyrus

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In a candid interview, Tish Cyrus reveals the emotional toll leading to her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus, citing a transformative period during the COVID-19 pandemic and the unexpected challenges of being alone.

Tish Cyrus, in a recent episode of “Call Her Daddy,” shared intimate details about the struggles that led to her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus after 30 years of marriage. The revelation sheds light on the impact of the pandemic on the couple’s relationship and Tish’s journey to finding strength in solitude.

“During that period, I took a really good, hard look at life, my life… because it had not been in a good place for a long time,” Tish admitted during the interview. The pandemic-induced separation, with Billy Ray in Tennessee and Tish alone in California, marked a turning point. “Being alone, and all of a sudden just having kind of the weight of the world off my shoulders, and I was able to just breathe. And smoke pot and garden, and go skinny dipping in my pool. That’s what I did during COVID. It was hugely transformative,” she added.

However, tragedy struck when Tish’s mother passed away in August 2020. “I was alone during that time, I had to go through it alone, and I literally can’t believe I did that,” Tish reflected. The combination of dealing with her mother’s death and the ensuing divorce led to a “complete psychological breakdown” for Tish. “I could not eat, I could not sleep, I could not stop crying. I don’t have my mom, and then I don’t have my husband that has been my husband for 30 years. Like I’m scared,” she revealed.

Despite the challenges, Tish found love again with “Prison Break” actor Dominic Purcell. The couple tied the knot in August 2023, bringing a new chapter of happiness to Tish’s life. When reflecting on her past, Tish expressed regret about the impact on her youngest daughter, Noah. “Looking back on it, it would have been much better for her had I left,” Tish admitted.

Take a look at some moments from the wedding in the video below.

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