Tips on Saving Money on Razor Blades

I’m always looking for ways to save on shaving. I use a Gillette Mach 3 and I was going through a blade every two weeks. With blades going for around $2 it was costing me roughly $50 a year to shave. I’ve come across a few tips to reduce this cost somewhat.

I Read an article in the Chicago Tribune about a year ago that said the number one reason that razor blades go dull is because of micro rust. They suggested lightly drying the razor blade after each use to reduce the onset of this rust.

Now when I shave I dry the razor after each use. I also tap the side of the razor so the cut hairs fall out and are not stuck in the blades. This does seem to extend the life of each razor blade a bit.

I’ve heard from others that shaving while in the shower seems to extend the life of their razor blades. This goes against the micro rust theory. My friends state that the warm water and steam soften their beard and does less damage to the blade.

Another strategy I’ve used in the past is to use an electric razor. The problem I’ve had with electric razors is they often left uncut hair in certain parts of my face. So I used a cheap disposable razor blade to do touch up work on those areas and got a pretty good shave out of it.

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