People From Cold Weather Places Are Sharing Their Best Tips For Texans On How To Deal With the Situation at Hand

ebecca mix @mixbecca via Twitter

With the dire storms and power outages going on in Texas, it’s important that we all come together to help. One way to do that: Simply sharing tips for how to deal with cold weather. Texas is not used to this, of course, so who better to learn from than the ones who experience it first hand?

One woman from Michigan named Rebecca Mix decided to start a Twitter thread with the best tips for those bearing the brunt of it right now. She also shared some of the best tips she’s gotten on her feed as well. So, Texans, this is for you! Here are some ways to stay safe and warm, as told from people who’ve experienced it themselves.

  1. Layer With Pantyhose

  2. Drip Your Faucet Just a Little

  3. Head Upstairs

  4. Exercise

  5. Keep the Fridge Closed

  6. Avoid Alcohol

  7. Camp Out in the Living Room

  8. Sit in the Sun

  9. Figure Out How to Heat Foods

  10. Run Your Car

  11. Keep Your Feet Dry

  12. Gather Buckets of Snow

  13. Check in With Your Neighbors

  14. Avoid Wearing Cotton

Do you have a tip on how to stay warm and safe during extended power outages?