A Tingly Finger May Be the First Sign of These 5 Health Issues!

It doesn’t always take a doctor to know when a person is sick, especially if that person is YOU. If you are feeling a little bit off, definitely go ahead and schedule an appointment with a physician, but, in the meantime, it may behoove you to take a close look at your hands first. Believe it or not, these appendages may indicate if there is, in fact, something going awry!

You see, there are times when certain ailments manifest themselves as tingling sensations in various parts of your hands and wrists. These, of course, vary depending on the person and condition. So, if any of these 5 following examples ring true for you, be sure that you go ahead and seek the help that you need!

  1. Tingling in your wrist, the center of your palm, and your fingers may indicate tiredness or fatigue.

     Though these conditions are not life-threatening, we all know that a prolonged lack of quality sleep can be a serious detriment to your well-being.

    What to do: If you’re constantly feeling like you want to go back to bed, be sure that you are getting enough physical exercise. With dedicated practice, low-impact training, like yoga, has been proven to increase a person’s overall energy level.

  2. Pain in your palm, and tingling in your thumb, index, middle, and half of your ring finger may indicate carpal tunnel syndrome.

     This condition can be caused by various factors including gender, anatomy, and even workplace conditions.

    What to do: Go straight to your doc if you are experiencing these symptoms. He or she may provide you with some physical therapy exercises, or even suggest surgery if yours is in an advanced stage.

  3. Tingling in your right hand, mainly the fingertips, may indicate poor circulation.

     This sensation is so intense that you sometimes may feel that your hands have fallen asleep. The causes run the gamut, from poor lifestyle to clogged arteries.

    What to do: A very tingly right hand is most definitely a case for your medical provider. He or she will run a series of tests to determine if it is, in fact, poor circulation, and not something else that is mimicking it.

  4. Tingling or pain in your left ring finger and pinky may indicate a spinal cord injury.

     Whether you feel it is connected with a specific event, or it has just come on randomly, this tingling is something you should never ignore!

    What to do: If you are feeling this sort of tingling or numbness, especially after an injury, you need to treat this as an emergency situation. Get checked out immediately in order to prevent further harm or permanent damage.

  5. Tingling or numbness in both hands may indicate peripheral neuropathy.

    Most times this is caused by physical trauma to the nerves, like fractures, or even inactivity.

    What to do: Before visiting your doctor, be sure to gather up as much family history as you can, as this condition may be inherited.

To learn about even more examples, be sure to check out Brightside’s article here. Pay attention to those pointers—they may be trying to tell you something!

Have you ever been diagnosed with any of these medical conditions? Do you know of any home remedies that will help with these ailments? How do you combat carpal tunnel if you work at the computer all day? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!