Tim McGraw Floored By Fan’s TikTok Cover of ‘Don’t Take the Girl’

timmcgraw via TikTok

It’s rare when you can find someone who can sing a song like the original singer—especially acknowledged by the original singer himself!

Case in point: Alexandra Kay, a woman who sang a perfect rendition of Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take the Girl” on her TikTok page. Kay sings the song in a beautiful melody as she makes her morning coffee.

She had no intention of going viral; the caption was simply “A little #coffeecover from my hotel room in Chicago today! Show tonight! Can’t wait! #timmcgraw #countrymusic #coffeegirl #voiceeffects #chicago”

Well, McGraw himself came across her video and was absolutely floored by her voice. He decided to do a duet with her—aka take her original video and film himself side by side with her. In the video, he talks about how much he loves her voice. He even sang along with her for a bit!

Check it out below!

@timmcgrawHow awesome is this ##coffeecover by @alexandrakaymusic ! Cheers to starting off the week right!♬ original sound – Tim McGraw

“See if my coffee turns out as good as she sings this song,” he says as he concocts his own java, adding, “Someone get this girl a record deal.”

Kay’s original video got more than 601,000 views, with Tim’s racking up 9.4 million! Even Kay was in awe that he loved her voice so much: “Okay .. what is happening?! Tim McGraw, thank you so much! Let’s make a cup together soon!” she wrote on his duet with her.

Fans from all over tended to agree with how amazing Kay’s voice is.

“Why isn’t she famous?! Love her voice!’ someone posted.

“Tim McGraw, you have contacts, get that girl an audition! She has a beautiful voice for sure,” another person commented.

“Bravo! She has you some competition there, Tim!” another joked.

Though this is the first time a celebrity has personally complimented her singing, Kay has covered lots of songs with various artists, all garnering thousands and even millions of views. For example, her cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” led to a million views across her social media platforms.

Kay couldn’t believe it with Tim came out with his duet with her. She event duet-ed his duet with a blind shocked reaction to his thoughts. It’s so sweet—check it out below!

@alexandrakaymusic##duet with @timmcgraw so this has been the crazies 24hrs ever! Thank you Tim! 🥺♬ original sound – Tim McGraw

What do you think of Kay’s voice, or how McGraw reacted to it?