Tim Allen Breaks His Silence On What Really Happened On Set Of ‘Last Man Standing’


Tim Allen has certainly had a successful career in Hollywood. His first film or TV credit was in 1988 as a baggage handler in the movie “Tropical Snow,” but by 1994, he had landed the leading role in the Christmas movie “The Santa Clause,” and one year after that, he was cast as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the movie “Toy Story.” Both films went on to have multiple sequels.

On the small screen, Allen became a household name as the star of the hit sitcom “Home Improvement” which ran from 1991 to 1999. The show centered around his character, Tim Taylor, and showed him both at work on his show “Tool Time” and at home with his wife and three boys.

Years later, Allen was able to play another character in a similar but different role on the sitcom “Last Man Standing.” This time, his character’s name was Mike Baxter, but Allen saw the character “as an evolution” of the Tim Taylor character. He told Fox News that Mike Baxter is “smarter, went to college.” He added, “We don’t know whether Tim Taylor was really stupid or really smart. I mean, I played the guy I wasn’t sure.” 

“Last Man Standing” was similar to “Home Improvement” because Allen was once again the star, and the show centered around his life at the store where he worked, Outdoor Man, and at home with his wife. The twist was this time instead of having three sons, he had three daughters.

“Last Man Standing” aired for six seasons on ABC before the network dropped the show; however, the show wasn’t done just yet. FOX picked up the show for three more seasons with season nine being the last season.

Allen talked to FOX News about what it was like on set during season nine of the show. He described it as “horrible” but not because anything bad was actually happening on set. Instead, it was “horrible” because he knew the show was going to end soon. He explained that every day when he arrived on set he knew that meant the show would be over one day sooner than the day before, and he was not looking forward to the show ending.

Allen admitted that at first he thought “it would be a good idea” for the show to end after nine seasons. He later changed his mind. He said, “It was a terrible idea!”