Controversial TikTok Star Has Passed Away

thekylemarisa_ via Instagram

TikTok sensation Kyle Marisa Roth, known for her vibrant presence and celebrity gossip videos, has recently passed away at the age of 36. The news of her untimely demise has left her fans and followers in shock and mourning.

Kyle’s mother, Jacquie Cohen Roth, shared the heartbreaking news on LinkedIn, expressing the family’s profound loss. She described Kyle as someone who “loved and lived fiercely,” leaving her mark on the lives of those she touched through her online presence.

“We are still processing this devastating loss,” wrote Kyle’s sister Lindsay Roth on Instagram. Lindsay highlighted Kyle’s multifaceted personality, celebrating her humor, intelligence, activism, athleticism, and more. She invited friends and followers to share memories of Kyle and promised to update them on any plans to honor her life.

Condolences poured in from various quarters, with actress Julia Fox expressing her deep sorrow over Kyle’s passing. Laura Feibelman, Kyle’s cousin, shared fond memories of their time together, emphasizing Kyle’s vivacious spirit and passion for life.


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Kyle gained prominence on TikTok with her engaging celebrity gossip videos, often punctuated with her signature catchphrase, “You want more, I’ll give you more.” Her latest posts reflected her keen interest in pop culture and entertainment, keeping her audience entertained and informed.

Despite her online fame, Kyle also candidly shared her health struggles, including her battle with colon cancer. In an old Instagram post, she detailed the numerous surgeries and injuries she had endured” “3 major abdominal surgeries. 1 reconstructive shoulder surgery. Over a dozen broken bones. One torn meniscus. Several car accidents. Even more concussions. Collegiate lacrosse. Soccer at elementary school recess. 3 missing internal organs. BUT LOTS OF BAD ASS F–KING SCARS.”

As news of Kyle’s passing spreads, tributes continue to pour in from friends, followers, and admirers. Many remember her as a beacon of positivity and vitality, whose presence brightened the lives of those around her.

The cause of Kyle’s death has not been disclosed. As investigations occur, it’s important to honor Kyle’s memory by celebrating the joy and laughter she brought into the world and by extending kindness and compassion to one another.