TikTok Star Known For His Humorous Videos And Original Music Dies At 32

Sometimes the image that people put forth on social media hides the true struggles they are dealing with. When someone is struggling with mental health issues, they may choose to hide that from the world. Sometimes they even put forth an image that is almost too upbeat and cheerful, shocking fans when they learn the truth.

TikTok star VonViddy, whose real name is Joel Muchlinski, is known for his humorous videos and his original music. At least, that’s what he hopes he is known for. In his most recent and very last TikTok video, he explained, “I want to be remembered as a creator, as a creator of videos that made people laugh and a creator of music.”

Here’s an example of one of those videos.


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Sadly, Muchlinski’s final TikTok video appears to be a self-written obituary. He shared his real name with his fans, what he wants to be known for and what he does not want to be known for, being “an addict and an alcoholic who put his family through hell.”

Most of Muchlinski’s videos are upbeat, sarcastic, and include loud colors and fun music. This final video was quite different. The background was gray. His shirt was plain black. There wasn’t any music. He simply looked at the camera and shared his message in a calm voice.

As the video continues, Muchlinski says, “I’ve had a terrific life,” eluding to the fact that his life is about to end. Even if fans saw this video and the warning signs in it, there wasn’t time to react. Muchlinski seems to have taken his own life the day after he posted this chilling video.

Muchlinski’s sister, Martha, shared the sad news of her brother’s suicide. She explained that he lost “his long battle to mental illness.” Muchlinski died on Monday August 21, 2023. He was only 32 years old.

Watch his final video below.

@vonviddyIt’s all love♬ original sound – VonViddy

Rest in peace.