TikTok Influencer Dies In Hit And Run

@alidspicexo via Instagram

Alexandra Dulin was known to her followers on TikTok and Instagram as Ali D Spice XO. She had over 98,000 followers on Instagram and over 900,000 followers on TikTok. Her following was so great that she dropped out of college when she realized she could make a living as an Influencer.

Ali’s father, James Dunlin, described her social media presence as a combination of “spice” and “helping people.” He described her as a “hard-working proud young lady” who “knew how to blend a message of helping people, and she knew when she needed to I don’t know if you want to call it spice it up and get more eyeballs.”  

Unfortunately, Ali died on Sunday in a car crash. She was only 21 years old.

The crash was caused by a driver of another vehicle who was driving the wrong direction on the road. After the crash, the driver of the oncoming vehicle ran away into the woods, abandoning the vehicle. Meanwhile, Ali and two other people who were in the vehicle with her, all died.

James is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that his 21-year-old daughter has died. He spoke to her one day before the crash, discussing plans for her to visit over Christmas. The last time he saw his daughter in person was over Thanksgiving.

Since learning the news of Ali’s death, many of her followers have posted tributes to her on TikTok. James already knew his daughter had a large following, but he never realized just how big she was until seeing the outpouring of love in these tributes.

Ali’s family posted a picture of her on Instagram when she was 17, and in the caption, they urged her followers not to “use social media as a vehicle to hurt someone by accusing them of the crime that took her life. Our family is working with the Florida police to solve this crime. Please allow them to do their job and don’t tear anyone down because of your belief someone did this. We have full confidence the person responsible will be caught. If you have information you believe is valuable, then give it to the Florida Police.”

Ali’s father spoke to FOX News about his daughter and the crash. Watch the video below to see the crash location and to hear what James had to say about his daughter’s tragic death.