Tiger Woods Withdraws From Genesis Invitational Due To Illness, After He Was Carted Off Of The Golf Course Making Comeback Unlikely

Angela George

Professional golf player Tiger Woods has seen better days health-wise. While fans are eager to see him play golf, Woods isn’t always up to playing his best. Most recently, during what was supposed to be his PGA tour comeback, Woods was taken off the golf course in a golf cart.

TODAY reports that on Friday February 16, 2024, a rules official took Woods to the locker room at the Riviera Country Club course via a golf cart. Later, emergency personnel arrived to see Woods. While in the clubhouse, he received treatment via an IV bag for “potential dehydration and dizziness related to his illness.” Earlier in the day, Woods had back spasms while on the golf course, but at the time, nothing was certain about what illness Woods was suffering from.

One day later, Woods wrote on X (formerly Twitter) and announced that he “had to withdraw from @thegenesisinv due to illness, which we now know is influenza.” He added, “I am resting and feeling better. Good luck to the players this weekend. I’m disappointed to not be there and want to thank @GenesisUSA and all the fans for the support.”

That’s right, Woods will not be finishing the competition at the Genesis Invitational golf tournament. This also means that it is unlikely that he will be able to make a PGA comeback this year.

According to the PGA Tour, Woods has only competed in 9 official golf events since 2019. He has dropped out of several due to health issues. For example, in 2023, he dropped out of the Masters because of plantar fasciitis. Just weeks later, he had to have surgery for post-traumatic arthritis due to a car accident in 2021. Back in 2021, during a one-car rollover, he sustained multiple injuries to his tibia, fibula, foot and ankle.

On X, some fan are calling for Woods to retire and become a commentator. One fan wrote, “You need to retire, Tiger. Become a commentator or something but you need to retire. You just don’t have what it takes anymore to play in these tournaments.”

Meanwhile, Genesis USA responded to Woods’ tweet with a simple and optimistic, “Get well soon, Tiger!”

Watch the video below to see Woods leaving the golf course via a golf cart on Friday and to hear the likelihood of Woods being able to once again win the PGA Tour.

Do you think Woods should retire?