23 Things That You Can Remove From Your Home Right Now

Michael Mandiberg via Flickr

Less is more. A clean home is a clean mind. You’ve heard it all, right? And yet, you still have tons of clutter hanging around your home.

As it turns out, there’s actually a link between a cluttered home and depression. If you’re finding it hard to get motivated or concentrate while living among a pile of *things*, take heed. And start small. There are lots of things you can remove from your home right now that will instantly make you feel better. Here are 21!

  1. Old Cookbooks

    You know you just Google a recipe when you want to cook.

  2. Unopened Gadgets

    The ones you received as wedding gifts that are collecting dust in the closet.

  3. Old Clothes

    Haven’t worn it in the last few years? Time to say goodbye.

  4. VHS Tapes

    You know you hoard those and don’t even have a VHS player to play them, even if you wanted to.

  5. Incandescent Light Bulbs

    So inefficient.

  6. Duplicated Printed Photos

    The ones sitting in a folder of which you have printed multiple times.

  7. Old Magazines

    No, you’re never actually going to read them.

  8. Expired Coupons

    You know they’re passed their date, and yet they’re still taking up cabinet space.

  9. Takeout Menus

    The ones from 2008 from places that don’t even exist anymore.

  10. Old Mail

    Rip it up and throw it out.

  11. Ancient Pillows

    They’re flat as heck and you know it.

  12. Almost-Empty Shampoo Bottles

    And those lotion bottles, too.

  13. Orphaned Socks

    You’re never going to find its match.

  14. Expired Food

    The ones you always see in the cabinet that’s three years passed its expiration and think you’re going to use…you’re not going to, okay?

  15. Reused Tupperware

    How many of those Chinese food containers do you really need anyway?

  16. Old Birthday Decorations

    Sure, you thought you’d reuse them at the time, but guess what? You’re not going to.

  17. Old Bathing Suits

    An item that rarely gets replaced.

  18. Hand-Me-Down Kitchen Tools

    The ones you’ve already replaced and yet are still hanging on to.

  19. Vacuum Accessories

    To the vacuum you got rid of. You know they’re still laying around.

  20. Old Cell Phones

    Wouldn’t you have used them by now if you were going to?

  21. Extra Chargers That Don’t Work

    Just toss them. Now.

  22. Costume Jewelry

    It’s just taking up space.

  23. Old Keys

    You don’t even know what they go to!


Which one of these things do you hoard in your house and want to get rid of?