13 People Reveal the Things They Secretly Like About Life in Quarantine

Stasonych via Deposit Photos

After nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s a lot to reflect on. Life as we know it has completely shifted. And while we’ve all complained about having to wear masks and miss out on get-togethers, there may actually be some positives to quarantine.

That’s right—we said it: there are some things we like about having to stay home all the time. And we’re not the only ones who think so. In fact, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to what people secretly enjoy about life during a pandemic. Here are some of the top answers:

  1. Having an Excuse to Avoid Gatherings

    “And not having to explain it. Finally, I can enjoy being the recluse I’ve dreamed of being.”

  2. Not Going Into an Office

    “No commute into work. Save gas money. Save money by not buying lunch. Not being bothered by people visiting my desk to talk all the time. No makeup every day.”

  3. No Handshakes

    “Can we please keep this once the pandemic is over? Why would I want to touch strangers to acknowledge them?”

  4. Social Distancing

    “That one friend who doesn’t understand ‘personal space’ has no choice now, doesn’t he?”

  5. Not Smelling People’s Breath

    “People’s mask keeping in their nasty breath when they talk all up in my face.”

  6. Less Traffic

    “It’s not as noticeable now, but back in April and May the roads were almost totally empty. Being that I am a contractor, it was pure bliss.”

  7. Sleeping In

    “Waking up 30 seconds before class starts.”

  8. Ability to Be Introverted

    “I can eat meals in peace, no coworkers, no being ‘positive.’ I LOVE this new introvert friendly life! It’s the world I’ve always dreamed of, and allllll the on pants I want!”

  9. Cleanliness

    “People started cleaning everything more, including grocery carts even.”

  10. Saving Money

    “Saving a shit ton of $$$ by avoiding: Vegas trips, Concerts, Bars and expensive restaurants.”

  11. More Time for Growth

    “Definitely been able to take time to improve myself. Physically and mentally.”

  12. No Weekend Plans

    “I like being home, I work all week I just wanna sit at home and smoke weed with my girlfriend, watch TV and fall asleep.”

  13. Less Germs All Around

    “Everyone is being much more responsible about washing their hands is definitely a positive. Hopefully it continues after the pandemic is over.”

Is there anything you secretly like about quarantine? Share it with us!