Mom And Daughter Had A Fun Lunch On The Beach, Then The Restaurant Threatened To Call The Police

Inside Edition

When we travel, we like to enjoy the local culture, and that includes dining at the local restaurants. Consider this article a warning that you might want to do a little research before deciding what restaurants to dine at when you’re traveling.

Brenda Moulton was  visiting the Greek island of Mykonos with her 19-year-old daughter, Kaylea. They really enjoyed visiting the island and Platis Gialos beach, but they had one experience that they very much regret.

While the mother and daughter were at the beach, they decided to eat at a nearby restaurant. They ordered a snack that included two mojitos, a bottle of water, and two crab legs. They didn’t think their snack would be all that expensive, but when they received the bill, they were shocked. Even though they didn’t agree with the price of the bill, they felt like they needed to pay it for their own safety.

Watch the video below to learn how much the bill was and to hear Brenda describe the experience.

As mentioned in the video, this restaurant had multiple Tripadvisor reviews were travelers reported a similar experience to what Brenda and Kaylea experienced. If the Moultons had looked at Tripadvisor ahead of time, they probably never would have decided to eat there.

We can’t change the past, but we can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. In this case, the Moultons want to prevent other tourists from having an experience like they did, so once they returned home to the United States, they decided to sue the DK Oyster Bar. According to their lawyer, the mother and daughter suffered from threatening and unfair treatment while at the restaurant.

According to Brenda, one of the restaurant’s employees “told me, verbatim: ‘I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not return to your homeland. We can easily find where you live.'”

Have you ever been surprised by the price of the bill at a restaurant? Would you have paid the bill if you were in the Moultons’ situation in Greece? Do you think the mother and daughter would’ve been detained in Greece by the police if they hadn’t paid?