The Single Moment That Changed Charlie Sheen’s Life

mwissmann via Deposit Photos

Actor Charlie Sheen made headlines years ago not only for his staring role on the sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” but also for his strange behavior and unhealthy habits. If you haven’t noticed, Sheen hasn’t been in the public eye much in the past few years, and that’s because he’s been working on himself.

Sheen now realizes that he had a drug and alcohol problem. He admits that he used to start drinking in the morning. He told PEOPLE, “I loved drinking in the morning. Loved some scotch in the coffee.” Now, he considers that version of himself an “alien” and a “mess.”

What caused him to change? His daughter. Back in 2017, Sheen had already quit drugs but still had a drinking problem. One day, an experience with his daughter changed everything. He explained, “One morning I’d forgotten my daughter had an appointment I’d promised to drive her to, and I’d already had a couple of pops that day. So had to call my friend Tony to take us. We got her there on time, but it broke my heart because she was in the backseat and I could just tell she was thinking, ‘Why isn’t dad driving?’ So I got home and sat with that for the rest of the day. And the next morning I just stopped.”

Sheen hasn’t had a drink since that day. At first, he didn’t know if it would last. He said, “I think the first month I was like, I’m going to have give it a month, just see if I feel any better, and if my interactions with those that are closest to me improve, and they did. And I’m like, all right, I’m going to go another month. And then it got traction. I had momentum.”

Now, Sheen’s morning routine is quiet different from waking up and putting scotch in his coffee. He explained, “Now I wake up early, around 4:30 or 5 a.m., get an early jump on the news, work out, answer emails. Then I get the kids up and help them with their morning routine — if you can call it a routine.” The kids he’s referring to are his 14-year-old twin boys with his ex-wife Brooke Muller.

Besides crushing it as a single dad, Sheen is also making baby steps back into acting. He has a new movie streaming on MAX called “Bookie.” He explained, “For the longest time, I had the best work reputation.” He continued, “I was the first to arrive, last to leave, when in doubt, I would over prepare. I would just check every box. And then that went away. So I was really excited about being that guy again.”

Watch the trailer for “Bookie” below.