The Many Uses for Hand Lotion

Hand lotion can be substituted at times for much more expensive products.

In a pinch, rub the lotion on your moist facial skin for a moisturizer.

Hair a bit fly-away? Rub a drop of lotion on your palms and gently smooth over the hair.

Don’t use expensive static spray on your clothing in the winter; merely smear some lotion on your legs/stockings/socks, and you will have no static cling.

In a pinch, you can give yourself a quick shoeshine with lotion; just put some on a tissue, and rub it into the leather gently in circles for a modest shine and to remove soil.

Down to your last crumb of lipstick? Add a drop or two of lotion, mix well, and you have a colored lip gloss, or a bit of blusher.

I have even cleaned my dashboard with hand lotion! Adds a nice moderate shine, smells good, and conditions the leather.