The Latest Kevin Costner Sad News, More Details

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has been messy. Now, there’s even more bad news for Costner. What could be worse than your ex refusing to leave your home and a judge requiring you to pay more than double the amount of child support that you think is reasonable?

Kevin Costner & Wife Christine

How about your ex hanging out with one of your best friends in Hawaii. Yes. That’s what’s happening.

Baumgartner has been spotted on the beach in Hawaii with one of her neighbors who also happens to be one of Costner’s friends. Who’s the new man? Josh Conner is a wealthy financier, and he is also recently divorced.

While Baumgartner and Conner were seen walking on the beach together, TMZ’s sources claim that there’s nothing romantic going on. According to one source, “They have been good friends for years.” The source added that there is “absolutely no romantic relationship.”

Baumgartner wasn’t in Hawaii with just Conner. She’s also there with her children. According to sources, the exes have been spending more time than usual with their children recently. One week before Baumgartner’s Hawaiian getaway, Costner took the kids with him to British Columbia, Canada.

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Whether the relationship is romantic in nature or not has yet to be seen. We also remember when sources claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were just friends. Now they’re married. Yet, Conner and Baumgartner may be just friends.

Baumgartner has refused to vacate Costner’s home even though she is required to do so according to their prenup. On the flip side, Costner has been disputing Baumgartner’s request for child support, and neither one of them ended up getting their way. Baumgartner claimed she needed $248,000 a month. Costner offered to pay $51,940 a month. A judge decided he should pay $129,755 a month.

Do you think Baumgartner and Conner’s relationship is purely a friendship?