It’s Official ‘The Golden Bachelorette’ Will Be Released Fall 2024, Details About The Latest Cast, Spoilers And More

Bachelor Nation

“The Bachelor” spinoff “The Golden Bachelor” just aired its final episode where bachelor Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist. Now, fans are wondering who will be “The Golden Bachelorette,” and some have very strong feelings about who they think it should be.

Sometimes a contestant from a show like “The Bachelor” will be chosen to be the star of “The Bachlorette.” Fans have been hoping the same thing will happen with the Golden versions of the reality show. In fact, many fans are hoping that the new golden bachelorette will either be Susan or Kathy from “The Golden Bachelor.”

Cosmopolitan reports that ABC has officially announced that there will be a series called “The Golden Bachelorette” and that it will be released in Fall 2024; however, they have not officially confirmed who the bachelorette will be. This isn’t stopping fans from looking for hints.

One fan noticed something suspicious on X (formerly Twitter). This fan wrote, “when i search ‘susan golden bachelorette’ on here, only one tweet pops up (even though there are many out there). but if i search other women’s names, it’s normal. is ABC hiding something? is our queen susan the golden bachelorette?”

It will be interesting to see if this fan theory is right! In the meantime, we can look forward to watching “The Golden Bachelorette” on ABC this Fall. If you prefer streaming, it will also be available to stream on Hulu the day after it airs.

While we wait for the new series, we can relive some moments from “The Golden Bachelor” in the video below. In this first video, we can see all of the bachelorettes at the show’s first rose ceremony.

Turner supports the idea of a contestant from “The Golden Bachelor” becoming “The Golden Bachelorette.” He told E! News, “I absolutely do hope that is something that happens, but there’s no way I could recommend one out of those 22 women that would be better than any of the others. They’d all be wonderful candidates for it.” 

It sounds like Kathy would agree to the job if she were given the offer. She explained, “Let me just say this to you so you don’t have to ask it again with everyone that comes up, everyone would want to be the Golden Bachelorette.” She added, “I don’t think they could find 22 guys who could keep up with me, so there’s that.”

Susan would also jump at the chance to be the Golden Bachelorette. She explained, “We came out to find love and I didn’t.” She added, “I got friendship. But I want a man. So yes, they should give us another chance.”

Who do you think will be chosen as the Golden Bachelorette?