‘The Golden Bachelorette’ Season Headed Towards Failure

Joan Vassos was one of the golden bachelorettes competing for the love of Gerry Turner on the first season of the reality TV series “The Golden Bachelor.” Vassos won a one-on-one date with Turner, and they seemed to hit it off, but she left the show abruptly.

Now, Vassos has been cast at the star of “The Golden Bachelorette” where she will meet eligible golden bachelors who hope to win her heart. While she seems both surprised and delighted to be chosen for this role, it’s possible that her season of the show will end in utter failure.

ScreenRant‘s Serena Nitta believes that it’s possible Vassos could abruptly leave the show again, just like she did on “The Golden Bachelor.”

The reason Vassos left the show was due to her family. Her daughter had recently had a baby, and her daughter sent her a text asking her to come home. The day after Vassos had her one-on-one date with Turner, she decided she needed to leave the show and go home to help her daughter.

In the video below, you can see a clip from “The Golden Bachelor” where Vassos tells Gerry she’s leaving the show.

Nitta pointed out that Vassos chose her daughter’s feelings over Turner’s. While it’s valid for a mom to want to help her daughter, Nitta thinks Vassos was a little bit cold when it came to how Turner felt about everything. She wrote, “she has not talked much about how she felt bad about the effect it had on Gerry.” Nitta also speculated that if Vassos hadn’t left the show, she might’ve married Turner.


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Turner ended up marrying Theresa Nist, but the marriage didn’t last. They got divorced after just 5 months.

Nitta feels that Vassos could end up being seen as a villain by both fans of “The Golden Bachelorette” and by the bachelors on the show. She explained, “In her pioneering season of ‘The Golden Bachelorette,’ it’s possible she might bow out early for personal family reasons, or she might not believe she wants to bring a new man back to her family. Were that to happen, Joan could come off as villainous for stringing the men and viewers along.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with “Extra,” Nitta shared that she is having “fun” preparing for the show and that she feels “like Cinderella.” She hopes to find a man who is “tall, dark and handsome,” but she’s worried she won’t remember everyone’s name.

Learn more about the upcoming season of “The Golden Bachelorette” in the video below.

Do you think Vassos will end up abruptly leaving the show again? Do you think she would’ve married Turner if she hadn’t left “The Golden Bachelor”?