Now We Know The Celeb Who Showed Up To The Emmys In This Terrifying Costume

E! News

When celebrities attend a red carpet event, they are usually dressed in designer brands, hair and makeup just right. They are camera ready and ready to answer the question, “Who are you wearing?” Most celebrities are easy to recognize on the red carpet. They don’t leave you wondering “Who is that?” Then there’s the celebrity who showed up at the Emmy’s dressed as a green goblin.

First of all, the dress this celebrity is wearing is stunning. It certainly seems to fit what we would picture as an appropriate red carpet dress. The head to toe green makeup and mask is quite shocking, yet attention getting. If this is a celebrity who wants attention, mission accomplished, but what’s the point if nobody knows who is hiding behind the mask?

Now we know the answer. We know who dressed up as a green goblin at the Emmy’s. The person behind the mask is…

Princess Poppy

In case you don’t already know, Princess Poppy is a drag queen and one of the contestants who stared on the reality series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

When asked why she decided to dress up as a green goblin, Princess Poppy told Entertainment Weekly, “I wanted to do the exact opposite of what is expected of you when you go to an event like this. I wanted to take decorum and turn it on its head.” She added, “Mainly I wanted to be a troll-slash-hag. I wanted to be so shocking that you just have to turn and look at me — in the worst way possible.”

Despite her attention-getting look and her fame since competing on the reality series, Princess Poppy told EW that she wants to get out of the spotlight. She explained, “I want to fall off the face of the planet. I don’t want to be famous, I want to fade into obscurity.” She added, “That’s not a bad thing. I think people put so much emphasis on success and fame, and it’s okay to not want to be famous. It’s totally valid to not want to be known by a bunch of people. That’s just not what I want. I don’t want that for my life.”

Watch the video below to see Princess Poppy at the Emmy’s and to hear RuPaul’s acceptance speach.