After Multiple Surgeries, Model Claims To “Have The Biggest Cheeks In The World”

lanaranjaweb, peopleenespanol via Instagram

Ukrainian model Anastasia Pokreshchuk used to think that she looked ugly, so in her 20s, she decided to have cosmetic surgery. Pokreshchuk started by having fillers inserted in her lips so they would be fuller. Then, she moved on to Botox in her forehead and injections in her cheeks.

Pokreshchuk now claims to have “the biggest cheeks in the world.” She is proud of her appearance and feels good about the way she looks when she looks in the mirror, yet there are still a few more cosmetic surgeries she wants to have done such as a chin implant.

Pokreshchuk claims that she is modifying her appearance for herself and not for anyone else. She doesn’t care if people like the way she looks or not because she likes the way she looks. According to Daily Star, she said about her cheeks, “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little bit small, I need to refresh them again soon.” She added, “I understand that they look weird for other people but I don’t mind.”

When Pokreshchuk had her cheeks done the first time, she “fell in love with them.” She’s not the only one who likes her current look. Many of her Instagram followers love her look as well.

Pokreshchuk has lost count of how much she has spent on her surgeries. She claims that’s not important. She also admits that it might be possible that she is addicted to cosmetic surgery, but she doesn’t seem concerned about that possibility either.

Watch the video below to hear Pokreshchuk talk about her surgeries, why she got them, and what her friends think about her look.

Do you think Pokreshchuk is addicted to cosmetic surgery? What do you think of her look?