The Beckhams’ Sex And Scandal Secrets Are About To Be Exposed In A Tell All Book

Jean_Nelson via Deposit Photos

Tom Bower, a British investigative biographer, has a new book coming out in June called “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex, and Power,” and according to TMZ, David and Victoria Beckham are not going to like what Bower says about them in the book.

The Beckhams never personally met with Bower while he was doing research for his book; however, they did sit down and talk to senior members of his team. According to Bower, he doesn’t think the Beckhams would have agreed to talk to him if he’d asked.

Bower also claims that he didn’t need to talk to David and Victoria in order to research his book. He heard enough inside information about them from other sources, and he claims the book is full of juicy details; however, not everyone he hoped would talk to him was willing to talk.

Bower told The Mirror, “The Beckhams made sure that quite a lot of people wouldn’t talk to me. But I did find enough people to talk to and got a lot of very interesting revelations. It was a book that surprised me. We think we know everything. But in fact there is an enormous amount we don’t know – which the public will find out.”

The book is going to be published by HarperCollins, and according to a spokesperson for the company, “The House of Beckham unravels the extraordinary reality of the business-savvy cultural icons to tell an astonishing story of money, sex and power.” In addition, Bower claims, “Those who want to know about Beckham’s sex life won’t be disappointed.”

Bower isn’t calling the book scandalous though. He isn’t claiming that it will tarnish the power couple’s image. He explained, “It’s an astonishing achievement to have maintained their image despite their ups and downs but whether it’s damaging, the public will decide. What do they really represent? And that’s what the book answers.”

If the Beckhams are worried about the new book, they’re keeping that to themselves. On social media, they’re currently full of optimism for the future.

The Beckhams are celebrating Victoria’s 50th birthday. On Instagram, she wrote, “My passion has always been to dream big, then dream even bigger! Believe in yourself first – everyone else will follow. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll find someone who believes in you even more than you do.” She added, “So, here’s to doing more of what I love with the people I love. I’m so thankful for my family, my friends, and my incredible team! This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter.”