We’ve Learned More About the Teen Who Defied His Anti-Vaxx Mom and Got Vaccinated After Turning 18

You might’ve heard about the teenager with the anti-vaxx mother who celebrated his 18th birthday by finally getting his vaccinations.

You see, Ethan Lindenberger had gone his entire life without being immunized. His mother, Jill Wheeler, was anti vaccinations in fear that they could cause diseases such as autism or brain damage.

But a few years ago, Ethan did research of his own and realized that he wanted to be able to protect himself from diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, tetanus and HPV.

“You have something like measles, which is a preventable disease that we can vaccinate against that I and many people believe is coming back because of opinions like the ones that have influenced my mom,” he said.

Ethan turned to popular message board Reddit for advice on how to ho about getting the vaccinations once he turned 18, and received all kinds of helpful advice.

Once his mother came across the post, she was a bit offended. “There’s a degree of feeling like, you know, he doesn’t trust what I say as a parent,” she said.

However, she’s still proud of Ethan for being able to make his own decisions and going after his own beliefs. “I’m very proud of him, for standing for what he believes in, even if it is against what I believe,” she said. “He’s a good boy. He’s a good kid.”

Ethan went through with his vaccines and is very glad he did so.

But how did Mom and son end up at such a different belief path when it comes to vaccinations? Check out the video below for why they both believe what they believe.

Are you pro or anti vaccinations? What do you think about how this boy went about getting himself vaccinated? Did you ever think this would be how an 18-year-old wanted to celebrate his birthday?