Teacher Shares Appalling Text Messages She Received from an Entitled Parent Whose Kid Doesn’t Show Up to Class

Teachers are under appreciated. That’s probably a fact that most of us can agree with right now, especially since the pandemic forced many schools to close and students have had to log into class from home

Many parents have never been more aware of what goes into educating our children. After all, many of us have had to help our children submit their schoolwork, learn new-to-us apps like Google Classroom and Zoom, and deal with technology issues.

It definitely isn’t easy being a parent, a teacher or a student when students are learning remotely. This situation is difficult, unusual and new. We all need to give each other a little grace.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how entitled some parents are. You’d think parents might be a little more understanding of the difficult situation teachers and educators find themselves in right now, but some parents seem to think the schools should be doing the impossible, like waking up their children and personally coming to their homes to make sure they attend class online.

One teacher who goes by DontTakeMySparkle on Imgur shared several screenshots of texts that she got from an irate and unreasonable mother. According to the mother’s texts, her daughter is failing and she does not understand why. Even after clarification from her teacher, the mother seems to think that it’s the teacher’s fault that her daughter hasn’t logged into class at all this school year.

Insane parent.

Be sure to scroll to the right to read the entire text conversation.

As the teacher points out, if school were in person at a school building, the parents would be responsible for making sure their child showed up at school. It’s not like the teacher would drive the students to school. In the same way, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child attend’s class from home.

It truly seems that the teacher is going above and beyond in this situation trying to calmly explain the situation to the frustrated parent. In the comments, multiple people have pointed out how polite the teacher was and how angry this situation makes them.

One comment reads, “The teacher was being polite, professional and as considerate as possible… I don’t think I could’ve maintained that all the way through.”

Another person wrote, “It’s too early in the day for me to be this angry.”

We don’t know what happened when the principle contacted this angry and unreasonable parent, but we can only imagine that the principle explained the responsibilities of parents during remote learning.

How would you have responded to a text like this from a parent?