After 6 Years Of Dating, Taylor Swift Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend

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Back in 2016, singer Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn started dating. They made a point of keeping their relationship private over the years, but occasionally, they would talk about each other, such as when Swift would share that she wrote a song about Alwyn. Now, the news of their unexpected breakup is also out in the public.

Back in October 2022, according to a source who spoke to ET, the couple’s “relationship is super strong,” and they were “doing great.” Fast forward six months to April 2023, and ET now reports that the couple’s relationship has crumbled, and they have been broken up for a couple weeks.

ET reports that the relationship between Swift and Alwyn “had just run its course” and that the breakup “was not dramatic.” Swift is in the midst of a tour, and fans had noticed Alwyns absence from her shows recently. Now we know why.

Swift and Alwyn had dated for six years, and back in October, when their relationship was still seemingly strong, she dropped a new album, “Midnights” which included a song called “Lavender Haze.”

Swift told ET that the song was about her relationship with Alwyn. She explained that she first heard the phrase “Lavender Haze” when she was watching the show “Mad Men.” She shared, “It turns out that it’s a common phrase used in the ’50s where they would just describe being in love. If you were in the lavender haze that meant you were in that all-encompassing love glow. I thought that was really beautiful.”

Swift added that she and Alwyn went out of their way to stay in the lavender haze and avoid having their relationship in the spotlight. She said, “We’ve had to dodge weird rumors, tabloid stuff and we just ignore it. This song is sort of about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff.”

Will Swift write about the breakup in upcoming songs? Will they be able to recover their lavender haze? That is yet to be seen.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unexpected breakup.

Does it surprise you that Swift and Alwyn broke up after six years? Do you think there’s any chance they’ll get back together?