Sweethearts Are Making a Triumphant Return to Shelves in Time for Valentine’s Day

purpleapple428 via Flickr

Last year was a sad year for Valentine’s Day. In 2019, a famous and popular Valentine’s Day candy, Sweethearts, was missing from store shelves. The classic conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple, but there was a chance they would be gone forever.

Sweethearts were created in 1902. Their quirky and romantic sayings like “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine” were there from the start. Everything was fine and dandy until 2018 when the company went bankrupt.

Thankfully, Spangler Candy Company ended up buying the Sweethearts brand after a series of back and forth negotiations, but there wasn’t enough time for the new owners to get Sweethearts into production in time for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Spangler Candy Company is known for their lollipops, and they had to set up production facilities to make the Sweethearts candy. This involved relocating and rebuilding equipment, buying a new printer and finding the original recipe to make sure classic flavors were true to the original.

While Sweethearts are back on store shelves in 2020, they are in limited supply. We suggest running to a store to buy them before they’re out of stock. Watch the video below for more details and to find out which stores are most likely to have Sweethearts on their shelves.


If you buy a box of Sweethearts, don’t be surprised if some of them don’t have the iconic text printed on them. According to Spangler, the new printer they bought “was accidentally damaged during production. The result was a few more ‘silent’ hearts than usual.” On Twitter, some people are saying their entire box was “silent.”

Did you notice that Sweethearts weren’t sold in stores in 2019? Are you going to buy Sweethearts for Valentine’s Day this year? What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?