Suzanne Somers’ Widower Reveals Strange Things are Occurring At Home Since Her Death

s_bukley via Deposit Photos

In a tale that seems straight out of the supernatural, Suzanne Somers’ widower, Alan Hamel, has shared peculiar incidents at their Palm Springs home since the iconic “Three’s Company” star’s passing. Hamel, who was married to Somers for nearly 50 years, claims that it appears Somers’ spirit is still present, bringing an unusual connection beyond the realms of the living.

According to Hamel, three extraordinary events unfolded on the same day, creating an aura of mystique in their home. Firstly, a hummingbird unexpectedly entered their house, fluttering through the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The bird then seemingly paid homage to the couple’s framed picture in the breakfast nook, landing on top of it.

In a series of oddities, the fireplace spontaneously ignited by itself, accompanied by music from an obscure composer—someone Hamel claims “no one’s ever heard of.” The mysterious choice of music added to the eerie atmosphere, leaving Hamel baffled by the unexplained occurrences.

The most personal revelation came when Hamel shared that, as he is about to fall asleep, he feels Suzanne Somers lying beside him. This intimate connection has provided Hamel with solace, making him a firm believer in the existence of an afterlife. He is convinced that there is a dimension beyond our understanding, where the soul, which he perceives as energy, continues to exist and engage with the living.

Suzanne Somers passed away in October, holding hands with her husband just a day before her 77th birthday. Known for their deeply affectionate relationship, the couple rarely spent more than an hour apart during their 55 years together.

Hamel, now 87, reflects on the mystical experiences and expresses his newfound belief in an afterlife. He considers the soul’s energy, emphasizing the continuity of existence beyond the physical form. Hamel’s encounters with Suzanne’s presence have not been exclusive to him; he shares that her grandkids have independently communicated similar experiences.

The couple even had lighthearted discussions about the afterlife before Suzanne’s illness. They jokingly speculated about which of them would likely pass first, with Somers predicting that Hamel, being a decade older, would be on his way back before truly leaving.

Though Somers’ passing has left a void, for Alan Hamel, the perceived connection with her presence offers a unique perspective on the grieving process. Have you ever experienced unexplained events that made you believe in the presence of loved ones beyond the physical realm?