Suzanne Somers Posted A Picture Of Herself In Her Birthday Suit On Her 73rd Birthday

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Remember when you were a kid and someone in their late 20s or 30s seemed so grown up to you and perhaps even old? Then, you grow up, enter your 20s and then 30s and suddenly realize that you’re not a kid anymore. In fact, the age you once considered so grown up now feels so young to you considering you’re only going to get older.

The cycle continues. You keep finding yourself becoming the age you once considered so mature and so old. You suddenly remember your parents or grandparents when they were your current age, but you still don’t feel as old as you thought they seemed when you were a kid.

Thankfully, age is just a number. How you feel, your attitude and how you take care of yourself makes all the difference. There are many people who have entered the grandparent stage who still feel and act really young. They keep themselves in good shape too. They prove that getting older doesn’t have to mean getting old. Suzanne Somers is one of those people.

Two years ago, when Somers was celebrating her 73rd birthday, the actress posted a picture on Instagram that caught a lot of attention. She posed nude, holding her breasts and squatting behind some tall grass as she faced the camera. She captioned the photo, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!”


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Many fans reacted to the photo with likes and positive comments. One person wrote, “Still look as beautiful as you did on three’s Company.”

Another fan commented, “You are an inspiration to all women … keep being happy keep sharing love!!”

Not everyone was a fan of the photo. Some of Somers’ followers thought it wasn’t in good taste. One comment reads, “Sorry…not a good pic. Plastic cavewoman pooping behind a bush.”

Another person wrote, “Think It’s Time To STOP With The Nude Posing…You look like a Neanderthal….”

Somers didn’t let the haters get to her. In fact, she reposted the picture less than a year later in honor of Earth Day, this time captioning the photo, “I love the earth. I choose organic and toxic-free whenever possible because I know it’s better for me… and better for her! Happy Earth Day”

What do you think of Somers’ 73rd birthday picture? Do you think it was in good taste?