Two Surfer Dudes Head to the Beach to Try to Hand Out Free Masks and It Doesn’t Go Very Well

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that we all wear face masks when we’re in public places. This includes indoor places like stores, doctor’s offices, schools. This also includes outdoor places where social distancing is difficult.

According to CDC director Robert Redfield, we could get the coronavirus under control in just 4-8 weeks if we would all wear face masks. 

While some people are hesitant to wear face masks, it’s hard to argue with science. Bill Nye’s videos demonstrating the effectiveness of face masks are some of our favorites.

Many people are complying with the CDC guidelines by wearing face masks, but then there are people who adamantly refuse to wear a face mask.

Two surfer dudes headed down to Huntington Beach, California with a big cardboard box full of face masks. Their idea was simple. They wanted to hand out free face masks to anyone who wanted one, and they filmed what happened.

The dudes encountered many people who were not wearing face masks, and they politely asked each person if they would like a free mask. Most of the people in the video refused to take the face masks. Some were nice about it. Some were pretty argumentative. 

Watch the video below to see how the people of Huntington Beach reacted when these dudes asking them if they would like a free face mask. 

Does it surprise you that so many people would refuse to wear a face mask in a public place like a beach? How would you have responded if these dudes asked you if you wanted a free face mask?