Supermodel’s Son Dead At 27

Model Nyima Ward has passed away on May 29. He was 27 years old and is the son of supermodel Trish Goff and her ex Aaron Ward.

His obituary stated  Nyima “lived fiercely, loved deeply and made memories with the kind of fervor that only a young man who never met a stranger could do. Nyima was born in New York City. In Tibetan, Nyima means “the Sun.” There is no doubt that when he was born, he was the sun to parent’s Aaron Ward and Trish Goff’s whole system. He remained there throughout his life.”

He is described “as boy of the world, traveling extensively, who grew into a man of the earth, falling in love with farming and animals and chasing his dreams from California to Florida.” Then continues, It wouldn’t have been unheard of to find Nyima with a stray animal he’d saved on the side of the road or calling his mom to ask about animal care tips.”


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Mother Trish Goff was a top supermodel in the 1990s. She did work for big designers such as Chanel, Dior, and YSL. Eventually, she transitioned to real estate and works as a Global advisor for Sotheby’s Realty.

Nyima’s Mother Trish helped her son get a start in modeling early on. He would sometimes tag along with his mother to photo shoots and modeling events. Once he worked on an assignment for Vogue with Trish. He eventually signed with Trish’s partner  David Bonnouvrier’s agency named DNA Models. He was 18.

Nyima was known for his beautiful long hair. He worked with great designers such as Anna Sui And John Varvatos. Although Nyima only considered modeling as a side gig. It wasn’t what he was passionate about.


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Makeup artist Aarondemey1 posted a tribute to Nyima on Instagram. The post read: My dearest Nyima 🫅🏻 Rest in peace. 🕊️I absolutely adore you…always an adventure, always fun, always sensitive, always kind. Sending deepest love to your Mom, Dad and your many friends and family.


Rest In Peace