Super-Hydrating Conditioner Recipe

My hair is extremely thick and is coarse and wiry to boot. My DIY single-process colorings (using permanent color, of course), both regular root-touchups and all-over applications certainly add insult to injury. I finally discovered a truly wonderful, inexpensive shampoo (Equate’s Pantene-esque formula that includes conditioner), but I still need an additional deep-conditioning treatment every time I wash my hair. A friend (who’s always had incredibly lovely hair) gave me this recipe:

Combine one egg yolk plus one tablespoon of olive oil, whisking them until thoroughly combined. Add a tablespoon of honey and whisk until all ingredients are well-mixed. Apply to DRY hair before shampooing and wait 30 minutes or so. (Because I have so much hair, I double the recipe.) Shampoo thoroughly. (You won’t need to apply your regular conditioner at this point–if you use one.)

This is the absolute best treatment I’ve ever used for dry hair. It leaves my hair–which someone once described as feeling like “dog hair,” incredibly soft, silky, and shiny, yet not at all greasy, flat, of lifeless (as is the case with some deep conditioners.) None of the high-end, salon-recommended treatments I’ve tried has even come close to working as well! I can now blow-dry and flat-iron my hair without worry. I purchase my olive oil (needn’t be fancy extra-extra virgin for this purpose) and honey in large economy size bottles at my local dollar store–and, of course, shop for the very best egg buys in town!