Make Your Hair Grow Fast Without Expensive Product

Lusting after long locks, luscious lashes or bold brows? We don’t blame you! Having long, strong hair never goes out of style, and thick lashes and brows are all the rage nowadays. But if you haven’t been gifted with these attributes naturally, how can you get the look you want?

Good news for anyone with this exact issue: full hair, lashes, or brows are easy to fake. Between extensions, falsies, and makeup, you can essentially create the look and then wipe it away at the end of the day.

However, understandably, not everyone wants to be constantly apply false lashes or taking 20 minutes to paint on their eyebrows every morning. If you’re far too lazy for this intense routine (but you still want the look of thicker hair) the best thing you can do is actually grow that hair.

Ha, you say. As if I haven’t tried, you guffaw. We get it; if your hair doesn’t grow in naturally thick and you can’t spend the money on expensive products to get the job done, that probably seems like a Captain Obvious sort of statement.

But what if we told you there WAS a way to naturally grow your hair without emptying your bank account? Don’t worry, we’re not teasing you with false hope, there really is a way!

YouTube channel Bright Side has shared with us their DIY way to get thicker hair, lashes, and brows. It’s a homemade product that takes about two seconds to make and only requires three easy-to-find ingredients! Simply apple your DIY product wherever you desire thicker strands and you’ll start to see a massive improvement in the weeks to come.

Here’s how to make your own DIY hair growth serum for under $20.

Homemade Hair Growth Serum


  • Castor oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Bottle
  • Old mascara wand


  1. In your bottle of choice, add your three oils. Shake the bottle to thoroughly combine.
  2. Clean off a wand from an old tube of mascara until all the makeup is gone from the bristles. Dunk the wand in the mixture, making sure it’s thoroughly coated.
  3. Brush the oil-coated wand over any place you’d like thicker hair; your beard, your lashes, your brows, or any thin spots of hair.

While all three of these oils are crucial to make this serum effective, the castor oil is what truly encourages drastic hair growth. Combined with the nourishment of avocado oil and the conditioning of coconut oil, this product will do so much more than grow your hair; it will leave it strong, shiny, soft, and with fewer split ends.

Considering the massive benefits you can get from this little bottle of natural oils, we think this DIY is very much worth the time and money. Each product can be purchased online for around $6-$8, so this DIY can range in price depending on the oils you choose to buy.

Sound pretty amazing, especially compared to hair growing serums that costs hundreds of dollars for the same results. We think the choice is pretty clear, don’t you?

Share your hair growing tips and your thoughts on this DIY beauty product in the comments section below.