11 People Share Stories They Really Want to Tell But Haven’t Been Asked the Right Questions to Bring Them Up

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There are probably lots of stories about your life that you share with friends, family and even strangers. You probably have several go-to stories that you know will be a hit at a party. Then there those stories that you only share with your best friends.

Do you have any stories about your life or someone in your family that you’re just dying to share but the topic has never come up in conversation? Reddit user hayes-11 asked, “What story do you really want to tell but no one has asked the right question for you to bring it up?”

Apparently, a lot of people have stories they really want to tell, really interesting stories, sweet stories and tragic stories but no opportunity to share them…until now.

Scroll down to read 11 stories shared by people who have been wanting to share them for a very long time.

  1. A Letter from FDR

    Shared by Reddit user sonomacorkdork:

    My grandfather was working on a US Navy base during WWII, as a welder (civilian) when he got his draft letter. He took it to the Admiral on base, to let him know that he’d be leaving. The Admiral called FDR and explained that my grandfather was the best welder he had, and that his effort towards the war would be better served if he stayed, working in his current role. My family still has the letter from the President to my grandfather, commending him for his work and excusing him from the draft, so long as he continued working at the base.

  2. A Life-Saving Phone Call

    Written by tasteofdinner:

    It was a beautiful night, full moon and a sky full of starts. I was contemplating all while tying a noose to kill myself. I was at peace with the decision, couldn’t cope any longer with life.I was putting it around my neck when my best friend calls me. He straight asked: “If you could drink milk, do you think you would have a favourite milkshake? And if yes, do you think it would be strawberry?” It was so incredibly, beautifully, random. We ended up talking for 2 hours on that phone call, I cried in silence while he talked, and until today he has no clue about this and that he pretty much saved my life.

  3. Peonies

    Reddit user Fifty4FortyorFight wrote:

    My grandmother’s house had a row of peony bushes in the landscaping. They were in full bloom, deep pink and white, and you could smell them across the yard. My grandma was busy hanging sheets on the clothesline.The peonies smelled so tempting that 6 year old me just couldn’t resist. I walked over to the peonies. My grandma yelled not to pick them. And I leaned over and took a big exaggerated whiff. I felt something that can only be described as what it would feel like if bugs were crawling all over my nose and throat and getting into my mouth. Because they were. The peony I smelled so deeply was covered in ants. What must have been 50 ants flew up my nose and down my throat. So now, I hate the smell of peonies.

  4. A Psychiatric Hospital

    cisco54 shared:

    My grandfather was committed for alcoholism in the 1940s and stayed several years in a psychiatric hospital. Fast forward 60 years and I’m touring that hospital for work reasons as I was part of the team planning its replacement. I heard horror stories of how patients were treated in the past. I never told anyone my grandfather was one of those patients.

  5. Periods

    A story from AnanyaMad:

    I feel like a dork, but here goes. I didn’t know what periods were until I had them. So when I was bunking a class when I was 10 I told my teacher I had a stomachache and she asked me if I had periods, to which I said the next period is social studies. And she asked again and I said the last period was the Science period. She said nvm and told me to go off.The same year when we were going for a trip from school when the guide teacher told us we had to take pads, I asked why we had to bring writing pads to my friend. She said sanitary pads and I said ” idk about y’all but my exam pad is pretty clean”

  6. They Met in a Mental Hospital

    Written by noodlenugget:

    In the early 60s, my dad had a nervous breakdown (due to severe abuse as a child) while in Army basic training, he was sent to a mental hospital and released to his family when he was deemed well. After a while, he started hearing voices and was re-admitted to another mental hospital.Around that same time, my mother (who had recently gotten divorced from her first husband) lost her mother and she tried to commit suicide. She was admitted to that same mental hospital. They got married in 1965.

  7. A Saxophone

    A story shared by robindowny:

    Once when I lived in Japan I was riding my bike across a rice field at about 6am. The sun was coming up and there was no one anywhere (SO rare in Japan). Just me on a dirt road between rice fields for miles and miles and the sound of my bike. Then I heard a saxophone. As I kept riding eventually I saw a man sitting on a stool practicing his saxophone. Just on the road between rice fields. He nodded a hello to me without breaking play at all.one of the most magical moments of my life

  8. My Birth Father

    Written by Haploid-life:

    At 48 years old, I finally found my birth father. He’s not alive anymore. He was a musician and an addict. Kind and selfish. But he knew I existed and his family (my family?) knew he had a kid. I’m in an awkward space. They were nice, but not very engaging.

  9. Dueling

    sgware shared:

    In grad school, I dueled one of my professors (with foils) for an A in his class and won.

  10. A Dairy Farm

    Shared by tidymaniac:

    I went to a dairy farm for a class visit when I was ten and we were all inexperienced in country ways. A little gang of us broke away from the main tour and decided it would be fun to run down a steep hill. All was OK until we got about half way down and fell over because of the steep gradient. We ROLLED the rest of the way through cow shit. Our teacher was lovely about it, though and helped us get a bit cleaner. Glad she had a sense of humour.

  11. A Magical Countdown

    A story shared by GalacticAttitude:

    Once I was flying back home from visiting my grandparents and I put in my earbuds to listen to music and hit shuffle on my playlist. Space Oddity by David Bowie came on and for anyone that doesn’t know the beginning of the song starts with a countdown and as the countdown was going the plane started to move”….5….4….3….2…1….lift off” and the plane got off the ground right then and I got chills and had to shed a tear on how beautiful that moment was.