Here’s a Game-Changing Trick to Stop Your Concealer From Creasing

Risa Does Makeup

When we were teenagers, we bought makeup for different reasons that we do now. As a teen, makeup was fun to play with during slumber parties, and it made us look more grown up for school dances.

Now, with social media, teens know a lot more beauty hacks that we did when we were younger. They can easily learn the correct way to achieve about any makeup look. Playing with makeup is a lot different than it used to be.

As we age, we buy makeup for more practical reasons. We’re not trying to look more mature. We’re not trying out different looks. Mainly, we just want to look younger. We want our skin to look smooth and flawless. We want to accentuate our best features. We want it all to look perfect all day long.

Are we asking too much? Ask our concealer at the end of the day, and the answer would be yes, you’re asking too much. After hours and hours, it doesn’t stay where we put it, and our makeup can end up making us look worse than we do without it or older than we really are. Not good.

Thankfully, makeup hacks aren’t just for teens and young adults. Older women can benefit from watching videos about makeup hacks too, and there are quite a few geared specifically for women who are trying to figure out how to wear makeup so that it hides fine lines instead of accentuating them.

Recently, YouTuber Risa Does Makeup joined TikTok and discovered a makeup hack that she wanted to share on her YouTube channel. As a professional makeup artist, she was surprised to learn a hack that she hadn’t heard of before, and she was even more surprised when it worked.

This hack is all about how to apply under eye concealer so that it will look smooth and flawless all day. There are a few steps, but they don’t take very long, and Risa claims this process really works. Watch her video below to see how she learned to make her under eye concealer flawless all day long.

In order to achieve this flawless under eye concealer affect, Risa used NARS Radiant Creamy concealer. Then she applied Lancome Fix It Forget It Setting Spray and finished the process with Urban Decay All Nighter setting powder.

Are you going to try this under eye concealer hack? What’s your favorite makeup hack?