They Don’t Teach You to Start a Fire Like THIS in Boy Scouts!

If you’re into wilderness survival skills, then you’re going to love this fire starting hack! You probably didn’t know that a mere lemon can start a fire – with a little help, of course. With the right tools and this helpful tutorial, you can learn how to start a fire yourself by charging an electrical current through a lemon. Curious? Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Take the lemon and soften it up in your hand. Push the copper clips into the lemon on the same side about a centimeter apart. Do the same with the sink nails on the other side. Take some wire and connect the first copper clip to the second nail, the second copper clip to the third nail and so on. This creates the reaction that will conduct the electricity.

Connect the wire to each side. Take the steel wool and put some tinders on top. This will help spark about 5 volts of electricity from the lemon.


– Lemon
– 6 copper clips
– 6 sink nails
– Wire
– Steel wool