Can You Spot the Elephant In This Optical Illusion?

Want to test how good your vision is? See if you can spot the elephant in this optical illusion. Sure, it sounds like a pretty easy task. After all, yo you know what an elephant looks like…so how could you not find it?

However, apparently, only about one percent of people can find the hidden animal in this image. Check it out below:

See what we mean? The image was shared on TikTok by a man named Hectic Nick, who asked his viewers to solve the illusion. It quickly went viral after it was deemed super difficult to do.

He captioned the video by saying, “Only one percent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image.”

However, he did offer a tip that could help if you don’t spot the elephant right away. “It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone over and you might be able to find it,” he said.

However, even when upside down, the elephant was still hard to see for many. Some people spent hours and hours trying to find the elephant.

“I took ten hours to find this.” wrote another.

However, others claim they saw the elephant without even having to flip over their phone. “Saw it without having to flip. I guess I’m in the one percent,” someone wrote.

Others say they kind of saw it, but that it doesn’t really look much like an elephant (which may be the reason so few people see it). “I worked it out straight away but it doesn’t really look like an elephant,” someone wrote.

The poster offered the advice: “Send this to a friend and see what they do.”

We’re sending it to you! Can you spot the elephant? Here’s the image again below.

If you need to give up, here’s a spoiler in the video below.

Tell us: How long did it take you to spot the elephant, if you ever found it? How did yours friends and family react to this photo?