The Son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Called His Father a ‘World Class A##Hole on Instagram

bossmoss via Deposit Photos

Back in 2007, Angelina Jolie adopted a 3-year-old boy named Pax from Veitnam where he had been abandoned by his heroin-addict mother. The following year, Brad Pitt adopted him as well.

For his childhood years, Pax was raised by Jolie and Pitt, but then the couple split up in 2016. Allegedly, the split had something to do with an incident on a private airplane where Pitt and his oldest son, Maddox, were at odds with each other. It turns out that Pax doesn’t really see eye to eye with his father either.

On Father’s Day in 2022, Pax posted a picture of Pitt in the stories section of his private Instagram account, an account he mainly uses to keep up with school friends. In the picture, Pitt was holding the Oscar he won for his role in the film “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.”

While the picture may be flattering, the words accompanying the picture were not. Pax wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to this world class a**hole!! You time and time again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person. You have no consideration or empathy toward your 4 youngest children who tremble in fear when in your presence. You will never understand the damage you have done to my family because you are incapable of doing so.”

The post continued, “You have made the lives of those closest to me a living hell. You may tell yourself and the world whatever you want, but the truth will come to light someday. So, Happy Father’s Day, you f***ing awful human being!!!”

It is not known if something happened shortly prior to the post to trigger Pax to go on this rant against his father or if this anger had been building up inside him for years. He was 16 years old at the time of the post.

While Pax doesn’t seem to enjoy being around his father, it appears that things are different when it comes to his mother. In fact, he and his brother Maddox have been working on set with their mother, and she seems very proud of her children. Watch the video below for more information about Jolie’s latest project and how Pax has been involved on set.

Does Pax’s post about his father surprise you? Do you think there is truth to what he says about Pitt, or do you think it was an outburst of teenage angst?