19 Products That Could Help Solve Your Sleep Problems

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? We probably all do from time to time. Sometimes we might be worrying about something or thinking about the next day’s to-do list. Sometimes the bed just might not be comfortable enough. For some people, the problem is more chronic.

Whether you suffer from insomnia on a regular basis or only occasionally, there are many ways to fix whatever it is that is keeping you up at night. Scroll down to see 19 different products that just might help you get the shut-eye you need.

  1. A Weighted Blanket

    There are many benefits of weighted blankets. On a most basic level, it acts like a hug to help you feel secure and safe. Many people have found that they get a better night sleep when they use a weighted blanket. This one at Amazon comes in multiple sizes, weights and colors.

  2. Sleep Pod

    Some people find weighted blankets difficult to use. A great alternative might be this sleep pod from Hug Sleep. It’s kind of like a sleeping bag that hugs your entire body with gentle pressure.

  3. A Sleep Mask

    If you want to block out the light streaming in from the windows, a sleep mask will definitely help. This one is made from silk and is great for travel as well as at home.

  4. Light Dimming LED Covers

    If blinking lights from your electronics are keeping you up at night, there’s an easy fix for that too. These little stickers dull the glow on your router, electronics and appliances.

  5. Memory Foam Knee Pillow

    If you’re a side-sleeper, this product might be everything you never knew you needed. It helps keep your knees separated and aligned while you’re sleeping.

  6. Blackout Curtains

    Blackout curtains keep the sunlight out which makes it easier to sleep and also helps keep the temperature consistent in your room. They will save energy while helping you get your beauty rest. These blackout curtains on Amazon come in multiple sizes and colors to perfectly match your decor.

  7. White Noise Machine

    If noise is keeping you up at night, a white noise machine can really help. This particular model comes with multiple sound options including relaxing ocean sounds.

  8. Earplugs

    If your sleep problems are when you’re traveling, foam earplugs are a great, portable way to block out the noise. They’re so small you can even keep them in your pocket.

  9. Sleep Headphones

    If earplugs aren’t your thing, these sleep headphones are another portable way to block out noise. They’re cushioned, lightweight, and they come in three different colors.

  10. Snore Strips

    Maybe you have trouble sleeping because you suffer from snoring (or, you suffer because your significant other suffers from snoring). These snore strips help keep nasal passages open to reduce snoring. They are also great to relieve nasal congestion when you have a cold.

  11. Adjustable Pillow

    You can easily change the amount of stuffing in this pillow to get it as soft or as firm as you like!

  12. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    An affordable memory foam topper can be a quick fix to an old mattress that isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. This topper comes in your choice of 2 or 3 inches of foam to keep you comfortable all night. It is also available in a variety of mattress sizes including twin, queen and king.

  13. Noise-Free Bed Frame

    Does your bed squeak every time your significant other rolls over at night? This bed frame might be the solution. It’s easy to assemble, and you don’t need a box spring. Just add a mattress.

  14. Memory Foam Mattress

    If the mattress topper and new bed frame aren’t enough, maybe it’s time to invest in a new mattress. This 12″ mattress features memory foam to help you get a great night sleep.

  15. Linen Sheets

    Perhaps you can’t sleep because you’re too warm at night. These linen sheets will help keep you cool. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they get softer and softer the more you use them.

  16. Silk Pillowcase

    A silk pillowcase is breathable and also protects your hair and skin from friction while you sleep. Not only will you sleep better, but you also might wake up to a better hair day!

  17. Aromatherapy Spray

    Spray this blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils on your pillow at night. The relaxing scents will help you drift off to dreamland.

  18. Sleep Gummies

    These sleep gummies contain a blend of melatonin, chamomile and lemon balm to help your relax and get a restful night sleep.

  19. 5-Minute Journal

    Maybe you have trouble sleeping because there’s too much on your mind. Writing in a journal before bed can be a great way to reduce stress and relax.