Vanna Couldn’t Believe This Contestant Was Able to Solve This Baffling Puzzle

We have shared multiple times that contestants have solved challenging puzzles on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” Some of these puzzles were solved with as few as one letter on the board, yet the contestants somehow managed to know the answer.

Often host Pat Sajak expresses his shock when a contestant is able to solve a puzzle so quickly. He always seems happy for the contestant when they are right, but he genuinely seems surprised that when they are able to guess the right answer to what looks like a challenging puzzle.

We don’t talk as often about how Vanna White reacts to these amazing solves. It makes sense to assume that she is just as impressed as Sajak when a contestant solves a puzzle with very few letters on the board. White seems to be better about hiding her surprise when a contestant guesses correctly. She often simply claps and smiles, but sometimes she’s not able to stay so composed.

One contestant named Kevin asked Sajak if he could solve the puzzle. It was a prize puzzle, and Kevin thought he knew the answer. There were multiple letters on the board, so we’ve seen more challenging puzzles. Yet, that doesn’t mean this puzzle was easy to solve.

The first word of the puzzle had a lot of blanks. It was _ _ _ _ _ I_NIN_G. The second word was already filled in. It was “IN.” The third word, although smaller than the first, still had quite a few blanks. It read _ _ _ _ _ I _ _.

When Kevin correctly solved the puzzle, White was genuinely shocked. She actually raised her arms up cheering for him and had the biggest smile possible. Meanwhile, Sajak seemed a little bit less shocked than he has with other solves in the past. He calmly said, “He gets this prize puzzle thing.” Then Sajak announced that for answering the puzzle correctly, Kevin had won a trip to St. Croix.

Watch the video below to find out the answer to _ _ _ _ _ I_NIN_G  IN _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ and to see Vanna’s reaction to the answer.

Why do you think White was more impressed with Kevin’s solve than Sajak was?